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Electronic and electrical appliances field: PPS has high heat resistance, excellent electrical properties, dimensional stability and good processing fluidity. Widely used in Surface Mount Technology (STM) electronic components, IC socket, connector, stereoscopic printing circuit board, IC and semiconductor packaging, coil skeleton, contact switch, an insulating base, the fuse wire clamp, bobbin, relay, electric iron, hair dryer, hair curler, lights, heaters, microwave ovens, ultra-pure water equipment, pipeline and F insulating films.

Automobile and other large transport machinery field: mainly used as parts of the engine, fuel pump and the ignition device, the carburetor parts, exhaust, exhaust valve, brush holder, an electromagnetic coil, bearing, sensor components, distributor, light reflector and wiper parts.
Machine field: mainly used in various parts of the compressor, valve, flow meter, impeller, gear pump, copier parts, pipe, injection nozzle, spray, camera parts, instrument parts, computer parts, instrument parts and clock parts etc..
Chemical industry field: used in acid and alkali resistant valve, pipe, pipe fittings, gaskets, pump body and an impeller. PPS fiber and its fabric filter material for high temperature corrosion medium fertilizer and in the papermaking industry. PPS coating is widely used in anti-corrosion coating of chemical equipment.

Aviation and aerospace: PPS with glass fiber, carbon fiber composite, composite obtained has high strength and rigidity. It can be used to manufacture aircraft cabin door, seat, fuselage and wings, missile vertical tail etc.

High wears resistance, good dimensional stability
The valve body (Plastic instead of copper)
Hydrolysis resistance, cold resistant, heat resistant, impact resistance
Microwave components
High rigidity, high heat resistance, radiation resistance
Hair straightener
High heat resistance, high strength, high rigidity
Iron, steam generator
High heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high rigidity, corrosion resistance
Electrical components
High rigidity, high heat resistance, low warpage, dimensional stability,
Pump body parts
Oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance
Automobile lampshade
High heat resistance, high smoothness, High rigidity, high strength, good dimensional stability
Pipe, joint, valve parts (Plastic instead of copper)
High heat resistance, high pressure resistance, hydrolysis resistance
High dielectric part
High precision parts, low anisotropy, excellent dimensional stability
Electrical accessories
High heat resistance, good toughness, high strength
Coil skeleton
High dielectric performance, high heat resistance, high strength
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